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Gild.Studio | 有的設計

1. verb.
to give a bright or pleasing aspect to.
2. noun.
guild. an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

Hello! Welcome to Gild.Studio :) We believe in the power and value of design. We always aim to create novel and provoking works. With educational backgrounds from prestigious institutions such as Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Central Academy of Fine Arts, We are an international award-winnig creative team based in China.


services | 業務

Research | 調研

We provide thorough research and walk our clients step by step to an elegant solution.

UX | 交互設計

We assist our clients to analyze their product definition and create user-friendly designs.

UI | 界面設計

We create appropriate and beautiful interfaces across all platforms.

Branding | 品牌

We work with our clients' branding and marketing teams to establish comprehensive VI systems.

Graphic Design | 平面設計

We provide high-quality brochure, poster, catalogue, and exhibition designs as well.

Package Design | 包裝設計

We create unique packages for client's products. We work with forms, graphics, and materials.

portfolio | 作品

  • portfolio

    Muse Creative Award Winner

    2017 Greeting Cards

  • portfolio

    Package Design

    Galaxy and brilliant color gradience.

  • portfolio


    Visual Identity for Noble Public School

  • portfolio

    typography digital art

    3D rendered typography!

  • portfolio

    Visual Identity

    for Dingyi Group North America

  • portfolio

    Web Design

    Responsive web project for Vinci.

  • portfolio


    Ziroom campaign

  • portfolio

    Muse Creative Award Winner

    Business Card Design

  • portfolio


    a delicious app

  • portfolio

    User Interface

    Responsive Web design for BoostingIO

  • portfolio

    Graphic Design

    Print Design for Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

  • portfolio

    Package Design

    for Youni Boutique

contact | 聯繫