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Gild.Studio | 有的設計

1. verb. to give a bright, pleasing, or specious aspect to.
2. noun. guild. an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

Hello! Welcome to Gild.Studio :) We believe in the power and value of design. We have educational background from prestigious institutions such as Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Central Academy of Fine Arts; we have career background at various startup companies and leading companies such as and


services | 業務

Research | 調研

We provide thorough research and walk our clients step by step to an elegant solution.

UX | 交互設計

We assist our clients to analyze their product definition and create user-friendly designs.

UI | 界面設計

We create appropriate and beautiful interfaces across all platforms.

Branding | 品牌

We work with our clients' branding and marketing teams to establish comprehensive VI systems.

Graphic Design | 平面設計

We provide high-quality brochure, poster, catalogue, and exhibition designs as well.

Package Design | 包裝設計

We create unique packages for client's products. We work with forms, graphics, and materials.

portfolio | 作品

  • portfolio

    Muse Creative Award Winner

    2017 Greeting Cards

  • portfolio

    Package Design

    Galaxy and brilliant color gradience.

  • portfolio


    Visual Identity for Noble Public School

  • portfolio

    typography digital art

    3D rendered typography!

  • portfolio

    Visual Identity

    for Dingyi Group North America

  • portfolio

    Web Design

    Responsive web project for Vinci.

  • portfolio


    Ziroom campaign

  • portfolio

    Muse Creative Award Winner

    Business Card Design

  • portfolio


    a delicious app

  • portfolio

    User Interface

    Responsive Web design for BoostingIO

  • portfolio

    Graphic Design

    Print Design for Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

  • portfolio

    Package Design

    for Youni Boutique

contact | 聯繫